Oswin Ziegelbecker is massive MTS 250 chip leader

1,017 Phase 1 entries and 82 Day 1 entries

On Saturday, the first starting day of the MTS 250 Main Event took place at the Montesino. In the last weeks there were already several Phase 1 tournaments and a start day at the Alpha Casino Graz.

94 players (43 of them from Phase 1) made a solid start with 22 re-entries. 14 of them were already able to qualify for Day 2, which will take place next Sunday at the Montesino. In the prize pool guaranteed at € 250,000, there are currently € 40,414 after 1,017 Phase 1 entries and 82 Day 1 entries.

Oswin Ziegelbecker secured himself a massive chip lead with 2,705,000 chips. Max Birk is second in the counts with a respectable distance and 1,490,000 chips. Also Bernhard Haider and Aziz Maged, just first and second at the Vienna Poker Festival, came safely through the day.

In the next few days there will be Phase 1 tournaments or a satellite on the tournament program of the MTS 250. The next starting day will follow on Thursday.

Chip counts

Platz Familienname Vorname Land Chipcount
1. Ziegelbecker Oswin AUT 2705000
2. Birk Max AUT 1490000
3. Schlacher Heinz AUT 1210000
4. Bugar Norbert SVK 1110000
5. Amiri Imal AUT 1060000
6. Haider Bernhard AUT 985000
7. Klinger Walter AUT 915000
8. Shcheglov Demyan AUT 850000
9. Saran Bayar GER 760000
10. Maged Aziz EGY 630000
11. Roushanzamir Gholamreza AUT 550000
12. Karpowicz Bartosz POL 525000
13. Masoudian Hesam AUT 325000
14. K.A. K.A. AUT 165000
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