Manuel Blaschke is the new Pedro Poker Tour chip leader

391 entries up to now

Yesterday the second starting day of the Main Event of the Pedro Poker Tour took place.

186 players bought 36 re-entries and ensured that the guaranteed prize pool of € 150,000 rose to € 86,020. 22 further participants could qualify for the final on Sunday.

With Manuel Blaschke there is a superior new Chipleader. He was able to pack 2,214,000 chips at the end of the day and has more than twice as many chips as the leader of Day 1a, Christian Eisenstein, with 997,000 chips.

Today on Saturday, the last start day of the Main Event will take place. The regular Heat starts at 3 pm, the Turbo Heat at 7 pm and the Last Chance Hyperturbo Heat at 10 pm.

Previously, 100 players had registered for the satellite. After 37 re-entries another 12 tickets could be assigned. The last 13 players in the tournament agreed on a deal. Everyone paid € 5, so even a 13th  ticket could be issued.

Attila Kassitzky wins the Highroller Event

At the Highroller Event of the Pedro Poker Tour, 16 players started and bought 8 re-entries. € 9,600 ended up in the prize pool. The first four players collected prize money. Attila Kassitzky nabbed the victory and a prize money of € 4,250.

Bernhard Haider wins the PLO Event

The Pot Limit Omaha tournament brought 60 players to the poker tables. After 20 re-entries, € 8,200 ended up in the prize pool. The first eight places were happy about the prize money. The victory went to Bernhard Haider, who won € 2,540.

All photos of the day can be found in our photo gallery.

The live report by Andreas Lettmayer from Day 1a you will find here.

Chip counts, results High Roller and PLO

Familienname Vorname Land Chipcount
Blaschke Manuel AUT 2214000
Eisenstein Christian AUT 997000
Merfish Natan ISR 971000
Desset Andrej SVK 965000
Bednar Vladimir SVK 904000
Haider Bernhard AUT 782000
Tontya Alin Norbert ROM 730000
Chen Guanxiu CHN 647000
Balter Mark AUT 642000
Zhou Jiang AUT 625000
Fustic Danilo SRB 594000
Tarko Attila HUN 558000
Plytnikas Marius LIT 521000
Wittmann Markus AUT 513000
Matura Walter AUT 505000
The One Idan ISR 465000
Knezevic Mario AUT 454000
Abdullaiev Israfil UKR 453000
Kristiner Kevin AUT 447000
B. P. AUT 435000
Mohalem Yohai ISR 420000
Oswald Alexander AUT 404000
Woppel Robert AUT 387000
K. Nika AUT 373000
Kozak Lobumir AUT 372000
Dori Shachar ISR 348000
Takacs Csaba HUN 336000
Halfon Oren ISR 319000
Koreimann Andreas AUT 315000
Pichler Bernd AUT 290000
Arzoan Michael ISR 262000
Hasani Ramin AUT 260000
Sancak Ersin AUT 191000
Benisti Nisim ISR 181000
Becica Tomas CZE 168000
Katvan Amit ISR 147000
Samun Meir ISR 142000
Ofir Reuven ISR 120000
Schiel Erich AUT 107000
1 Kassitzky Attila HUN 4250
2 Ventura Pedro ESP 2650
3 Schuster Eran ISR 1560
4 Arbeli Aharon ISR 850
1 Bernhard Haider AUT 2540
2 Natan Merfish ISR 1610
3 Georg Gratzer AUT 1150
4 Helmut Pollak AUT 870
5 Hubert Schlauss AUT 660
6 Daniel Silberstein ISR 500
7 Yohanan Zvilichovsky ISR 370
8 Patrick Babinsky AUT 260
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