Omaha Hunt

€ 1,000 possible week after week

The Montesino invites its players to the Omaha Hunt. Each week of competition will start on Tuesday at midnight and run until Monday 11:59 pm.

All cash game players could collect points and win cash around the clock on all Pot Limit Omaha tables. One point is credited for each hour played, extra points are waiting for the following card combinations:

  • Full house with kings or aces: 2 points
  • Poker: 5 points
  • Straight Flush: 10 points

The total number of accumulated points from played hours and hands yields a result and thus leads to the payment of the following amounts:

  • from 50 points: € 200
  • from 70 points: € 400
  • from 90 points: € 700
  • from 120 points: € 1,000

The payment is always on Tuesdays from 3 pm. A credit balance remains payable for four weeks, after four weeks, an unclaimed balance will expire.


  • Both hole cards must be used.
  • A winning hand or a showdown are required.
  • The points are handed out from 4 players.
  • With three or fewer players at the table, only the hours will be credited. Collection of point hands is not possible here.
  • Both cards must be used for point hands (e.g. poker).
  • The best possible combination of the board always counts.
  • The points are handed out and assessed by the floor man (a minimum game time of 45 min. should be ensured) - the last decision is always up to the floor man on duty.
  • The guest must announce his hit. The Montesino GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply.
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