Montesino goes crazy

Collect Full House hands and win

There are € 20,000 in the pot

Be the first and win € 5,000 or bag € 2,500 as the last!

The game will start on 14 February 2019 at 4 pm. Whoever manages to be the first to reach all 13 combinations within this time frame cracks the jackpot.

As soon as the players reach a Full House on the no-limit hold'em cash game tables (valid for all limits), they will receive a bonus card. The achieved hand is then crossed out.

In principle, all Full House hands must be achieved.

The promotion also applies to PLO and Stud. (all limits). Here, however, a Poker must be achieved instead of a Full House. The bonus card can therefore also be combined for the poker variants NLH, PLO and Stud. All combinations achieved are crossed out on the bonus card.

Distribution of the prizes

The first player to hit all Full House (2 - Ace in No Limit Hold'em, or 2 - Ace in PLO & Stud, either or) will win € 5,000. The next 25 who have completed their card win € 500 each. The last person to complete his card wins € 2,500.


For the games where different hand qualifications are required, the following conditions apply.

1. At least 4 players must have been in the hand
2. Both hole cards must be used
3. The winning hand or be in the showdown
4. The best possible combination counts
5. Double wins are not possible. The Montesino rewards the guest with the higher win
6. The winner must be present
7. In the high hands, the dealer push counts as the end/start time of the qualification
8. The final decisions are with the floorman

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