MEGA No Limit Hold´em promotion

There are € 10,000 in the pot

At the new MEGA No Limit Hold´promotion, € 10,000 are in the pot. The promotion applies to all tables and limits. For this, the poker players have to make 13 different combinations.

The combinations

1. Pair of 10 
2. Three of a kind 10 
3. Straight to 10 
4. Straight from 10 
5. Flush with 10 of hearts/diamond 
6. Flush with 10 of clubs/spades 
7. Each Full House
8. Full House 10 
9. Full House King Full House Ace 
11. Each Poker 
12. Poker 10  Straight Flush

The prizes

  • The first guest to make the 13 combinations will win € 5,000.
  • The second guest will win € 3,000.
  • The third guest will win € 2,000


  • At least four players must have received cards
  • Both hole cards must be used
  • The hand must be in the showdown, or win
  • The highest combination counts for respective Hand 
  • A double payout is not possible - the higher amount always counts for the guest (example: Jackpot/High hand) 
  • Errors and changes reserved 
  • The final decision lies with the Montesino floor man 
  • The jackpot must not be discussed during the game
  • Both players must reveal their cards themselves, without being prompted by other players
  • The winners agree that their names and photos may be used for advertising purposes
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