Mega Bingo

Every Saturday at the Montesino

From March 24, Montesino presents the Mega Bingo every Saturday.

All cash game players can collect their bingo card from the floor man every week. The draw starts at 5 pm every Saturday. At least € 1,000 can always be won.

The first 8 numbers are drawn at 5 pm - all further at 6 pm, until three bingo winners are definite.

5 of 40 numbers - that is a bingo

If a bingo is reached within the first 15 numbers, the player also wins the jackpot, otherwise the Jackpot amount increases for the next draw.

Distribution of winnings

1st Bingo: € 500 
2nd Bingo: € 200 
3rd Bingo: € 100

The jackpot increases weekly by € 200.


  • Only one bingo card per player
  • Players must be present and call “Bingo” themselves
  • The guest must have played at least one hour of cash game during the bingo week.
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