Low Budget Special Poker mit Herz - X-Mas Edition

Prize pool: € 10,000 guaranteed

Buy-In: € 30

The tournament takes place simultaneously at CCC Wien Simmering and CCC Lugner City, the final will be at CCC Wien Simmering. The best 10% of the field of participants will reach the final and will be brought to CCC Wien Simmering.

The guest at CCC Wien Simmering this time around, as already at the 3-year celebration of Poker mit Herz, is the football star Stefan Maierhofer. The person who eliminates him from the tournament will win two tickets for the X-Mas Special at the value of € 40 each.

Start: 7 pm

Texas Hold'em No Limit
Freezeout (Re-Entry)
Chips: 20,000
Levels: 20 Min.

Tournament players have the opportunity at the Poker mit Herz tournaments to buy charity chips in addition to the buy-in. This opportunity also exists in the event of re-entry.
Charity chips: 5,000 chips for € 5

The amounts received thereby are donated to the association Poker mit Herz and are doubled by the Concord Group.

Surprise from the Cooks!

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