Goldlounge - Win 1 kg of pure gold

1 kg gold + win cash every month

In the Goldlounge promotion, prizes with a total value of approx. 60,000 Euros will be played off. In January 2020, 1 kilo of gold worth approx. 35,000 Euros awaits the winner in the final.

Additionally, every month the most diligent hour collectors win 2,000 Euros in cash.

These are distributed as follows:

1st place: 1,000
2nd place: 600
3rd place: 400

From NLH 2/7 and PLO 5/5 hours can be collected for the grand final.


Any player who collects at least 100 hours by January 26, 2020 is qualified for the final tournament.

For every 100 hours you collect, you will receive 20,000 chips as a starting donation. And for every additional hour you collect, you will receive additional 300 chips. The winner of the tournament can look forward to 1 kg gold.

“Bring A Friend Goodie”

Bring a player who is not yet registered in the Goldlounge and who is playing for at least one hour and receive 5 bonus hours.

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