€ 100,000 X-Mas Special

Prize money: € 100,000 guaranteed

Buy-in: € 40

2019 is coming to an end, so it's high time for the Concord Card Group to give its best once again and present a fantastic poker event just before the turn of the year.

In the traditional X-Mas Special (since 2012), from 12 to 29 December 2019, a guaranteed prize pool of € 100,000 awaits poker players. For a buy-in of just € 40, poker fans can secure their share of the prize pool.

The X-Mas Tournament will start in four casinos: the Montesino, the Poker Royale and the CCC’s Wien-Simmering and Lugner City. For their buy-in of € 40, players will receive 15,000 chips, and the levels will last 20 minutes non-stop. Re-entries at the price of € 40 are possible.

The top 10% will win prize money, and the top 5% in the tournament will go to the final. Players who drop out before reaching the final will receive between € 80 and € 100, depending on their place. The winner will be awarded more than € 20,000. The mincash is € 150, multi qualification is awarded with a bonus of € 400.

The big final will take place on 29 December 2019, starting at 2pm at the Concord Card Casino Simmering.

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