Big Stack Poker Weekend November

Prize pool: € 23,000 guaranteed

Leader board rankings

In november, the Montesino invites you to Big Stack Poker Weekend. Full houses and grand prize pools will yet again ensure a great atmosphere among poker players.

A total of four tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool of € 23,000 and a leader board ranking with one Concord Million ticket and 10 Phase 1 Concord Million tickets are a reason to celebrate. All four tournaments are played in the Big Stack structure with 50,000 chips.

How the leader board ranking works

The winner of each tournament receives 30 points, 2nd place receives 29 points all the way down to 30th place which receives one point. Each participant in a tournament may also record a further 5 points on their account. In the event of a tie, the winner is determined by the better individual rankings. 

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