Jackpots at the Montesino

The Montesino has its own jackpot.

There are always € 1,000 in the jackpot!


The jackpot is won when a full house with aces loses to a poker or straight flush, as well as any higher combination. The winner and loser must play both Hole cards. For a full house with aces, the player must have at least one ace in the Hole cards.

Omaha and Seven Card Stud (also in the tournament):

The jackpot is won when a poker loses to a straight flush, as well as any higher combination. At the NLH tournament, both hole cards of both winners must be used.

General jackpot rules:

  • The jackpot must not be discussed during the game.
  • Only the two highest hands can win the jackpot and thus € 500 respectively.
  • Both players must reveal their cards themselves, without being prompted by other players.
  • The jackpot in the tournament applies independently of the player number. The jackpot only applies to the tournaments where the jackpot is deducted.
  • At least four players must have received cards.
  • An invalid card deck annuls the jackpot.
  • Winners and losers of the jackpot hand are not entitled to an additional payout of a high hand or similar promotions.
  • The winners agree that their names and photos may be used for advertising purposes.
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