40 VIP players wanted Winter Edition

€ 1,000 per month, raffle with prizes at the value of € 2,000 + 1 drink free per day

40 VIP players wanted Winter Edition

€ 1,000 per month, raffle with prizes at the value of € 2,000 + 1 drink free per day

The Montesino is looking for 40 VIP players from 1 November.

What can be won? 

The 40 best point hunters will become VIP players and will receive € 50 for 20 days (free selectable) + 1 free drink daily in the entire following month. All players from 50 points play along in our monthly raffle.

30 prizes at a total value of € 2,000 are drawn on a Saturday in the following month.

How will the payout take place?

The winners can pick up their winnings for 20 days at the poker table between 2 - 4 am, 4 - 6 pm and 8 - 10 pm.

VIP players raffle

The next VIP player raffle will take place on 9 December 2017. Altogether 30 prizes are played off from 4 pm until midnight. All players are qualified who have collected at least 50 points in November. 

Tournament points

  1. Tournament participation buy-in under € 50, 2 points
  2. Tournament participation buy-in from € 50, 5 points
  3. Ladies’ day, 5 points
  4. Final table place 1-9, 10 points
  5. Busted action according to the information at the FM
  6. Per Poker 5 Straight Flush, 20 points

Cash game points

  • Game participation at 3 pm or 5 am, 10 points
  • Game participation at 4 pm or 4 am, 4 points
  • Game participation at 5 pm or 3 am, 2 points
  • Game participation at 6 pm or 2 am, 2 points
  • Busted action after T break, Straight, 5 points
  • Per Poker/PLO 10/5 points
  • Per Straight Flush/PLO/Jackpot 40/20/200 points


  • The points are handed out in the cash poker area from 4 players
  • In the heads-up, a poker is also graded in the tournament area at the final table
  • Both cards must be used for point hands (poker ...)
  • The best possible combination of the board always counts
  • Monthly qualification period: always from 01 at 3 pm of the month until 01, 06 am of the following month, all collected points are graded and are used for the qualification.
  • The top 100 are listed daily at the entry area of the Montesino (point additions are possible, due to tournament participations or higher point wins)
  • Points at certain times are handed out and assessed by the floor man (a minimum game time of 45 min. should be ensured) - the last decision is always up to the floor man on duty
  • The presence during the raffle is necessary for receiving the win
  • The status VIP player is valid from 01 at 3 pm of the month until 01, 2:59 pm of the following month
  • The free drink is to be used for the own consumption
  • The daily payout for the VIP player is connected to his presence. Wins that have not been collected cannot be paid out later.
  • Deviations can occur on the ranking table, as the update of the tournament points will only take place the next day.
  • With a points tie of the last VIP player qualifiers, the VIP player status is determined by lot.
  • The Busted action is valid for all tournament participants who drop out after the break until 6 am - from Monday to Sunday - exclusive for the first straight at the cash tables.  
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